Wired_Beauty_-_Black-1At Wired Beauty Technologies, We combine skin and hair care science, smart sensors, I.o.T technology and data analytics to help consumers understand in real life their own skin and hair needs and adapt their beauty routine accordingly. In B2B, we provide cosmetic brands, independent labs and retailers with scientific data to target consumers at the individual level for innovation or marketing purposes. Our First Solution, MAPO® is a patented multi-function beauty mask with its companion App that allows to measure skin moisture in real time and boost product efficacy. Laureate of the Cosmetic Valley Beauty Awards 2015. We recently disclosed HELIOSENSE™ the first textile UV tracker designed to fit to all clothes or accessories. It integrates 3 innovative and multi-oriented UV sensors that provide reliable and precise UVA+B measurement in real life and real time.Monitoring UV exposure is a first step to prevent from its deleterious biological effects.