2016 Summit Videos

/2016 Summit Videos

High-tech Beauty Makeovers

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the hottest tech of all?  A new crop of products for skin, hair, makeup, nails and fashion are combining new AR/VR with great beauty sense. JoinMarie Claire as they lead a session on how high-tech can help you get the ultimate makeover. Moderator: Jenna Blaha Tech Editor Marie Claire

The Business of Beauty: Online, Retail and Mobile

Shopping is an art and a science. And the science of reaching out to consumers and drawing them close is brought to you with high-tech. From online subscription clubs to beacon and NFC technologies allowing you to keep in touch with your best shoppers to new display technologies meant to captivate, the shopping experience is

Beauty + Brains: Top Tech Innovations

What do you get when you cross beauty and technology? Here’s a demonstration of some of the latest devices that combine the two to give us smart beauty. Moderator: Jenna Blaha Tech Editor Marie Claire Panelists: Antonius Hanegraaf Vice President Business Development Foreo James Lovgren Chief Business Officer ORIG3N Dan Obegi CEO JeNu