HairMaxHairMax, the pioneers in the development of advanced hair loss treatments and hair growth products, introduces two new laser devices.The hands-free LaserBand features 82 lasers, which provide a treatment in as little as 90 seconds, the fastest laser treatment for hair loss available. The speed and effectiveness of this device is unprecedented in the hair loss industry. The Ultima 12 LaserComb is a hand-held model providing a targeted hair loss treatment. Both devices, are FDA Cleared and clinically proven. HairMax users can experience significant new hair growth, increased density and fullness, and healthier, more manageable hair.

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ForeoAt FOREO, we want to empower you to create the world in your own image. Our approach is a bold one: we don’t just improve existing designs; we tear them down completely and restart from the ground up. It’s a revolution, not an evolution.

Our challenge is to question conventional thinking, and we are doing just that at the FOREO Institute founded in Stockholm, Sweden. The LUNA™ line of skincare devices and the ISSA™ line of dental devices have already smashed the conventions of the health and beauty industry. And we’re just getting started.

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lluminage BeautyIluminage Beauty Inc. is a joint venture between Unilever Ventures and Syneron Medical. As architects of high-tech, groundbreaking treatments, textiles and devices, the company’s portfolio of products are based upon clinically-proven technologies derived from professional medical and aesthetic treatments, enabling consumers to achieve professional results at home. The Iluminage line offers cutting-edge, clinically- proven and interactive skincare solutions for skin rejuvenation and hair removal.

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inail66 Technology Inc. is a high-tech start-up, oriented to the design, development and application of embedded system and automation control system. Based on the cutting edge of high-tech, our company specializes in integrated R&D, manufacturing and sales of intelligent electronic products.
Now our core product is Intelligent nail printer (Inail). INAIL printer is a type of ink-jet printer which is capable of customizing patterns according to customers’ needs. In other words, customers can choose their own patterns to be printed on the nails no matter how complex the patterns are.

GLO ScienceGLO Science is an oral care technology innovator dedicated to changing the way consumers and dental professionals alike think about the health and beauty of their smiles. Our revolutionary G.L.O. technology gets teeth up to 5 times whiter in as few as 5 days – all without the mess and discomfort common with other whitening solutions on the market today.

In more than 500 dental practices across the United States, GLO has made a name in the whitening market. Now we’re expanding our vision and applying the same innovative approach to therapeutic applications, launching a new era of healthy, happy smiles.

ModiFaceModiFace is the leading creator of augmented reality technology for the beauty industry, providing custom web/mobile try-on apps, in-store mirrors, and visual e-commerce. ModiFace’s patented technology, which is based on over a decade of research at Stanford University, powers over 150 custom augmented reality apps for beauty brands such as Allergan, Procter and Gamble, L’Oreal, Unilever, Yves Rocher, and Sephora.

ORIG3NORIG3N is leading a transformation in the understanding and treatment of rare, genetically-inherited diseases. Our science is based on Nobel Prize-winning regenerative medicine technology, and our approach will replace the trial-and-error guesswork of diagnosing and treating disease. We’ve established the world’s largest uniformly consented cell repository to better understand the cellular and molecular foundations of disease. The cells are ever-renewing and give rise to a living database of humanity we call LifeCapsule. Thousands of people have already contributed to advancing the future of healthcare — and to safeguarding their own future health. Our customers can also learn about their unique genetic makeup and use that knowledge to live fuller, healthier lives.

Tria BeautyTria Beauty uses light to transform skin care, liberating women from endless and ineffective beauty regimens. Tria’s devices use dermatologist-recommended technologies to deliver results in the privacy and comfort of home and at a fraction of the cost. Tria’s portfolio of medical devices for home-use includes the popular Hair Removal Laser 4X and Hair Removal Laser Precision, Age- Defying Laser for treating multiple signs of facial aging, new Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser for treating eye wrinkles and Acne Clearing Blue Light used to clear acne blemishes. Learn more about Tria Beauty’s devices and other skin care products by visiting

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Beautycon MediaBeautycon Media is the global community of creators, celebrities, fans and brands that come together to celebrate fashion, beauty, style and the passion points of Gen Z and Millennials. We create connections through our Beautycon Festivals, Beautycon Box and Beautycon Digital, to redefine beauty and challenge the status quo. Beautycon Media has been featured in press outlets like The New York Times, Mashable, Fast Company, Digiday, MTV and Bustle and spotlighted on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles. Partners include: Bethany Mota, CAA, AOL (Built By Girl), L’OREAL, Hearst Media and Third Wave Partners.

Hearst Magazines (Marie Claire)Marie Claire, a joint venture between Hearst Magazines and Marie Claire Album, is the fashion magazine with character, substance, and depth, for women with a point of view, an opinion, and a sense of humor. Each issue is edited for a sexy, stylish, confident woman who is never afraid to make intelligence a part of her wardrobe. A culturally-relevant experience, Marie Claire has 34 international editions and reaches more than 40 million women worldwide. The magazine was co-founded in 1937 by French industrialist Jean Prouvost and writer Marcelle Auclair, whose goal was to present the realities of life mixed with fashion and beauty coverage. The American edition is published by Hearst Magazines, a unit of Hearst Corporation, one of the nation’s largest diversified media and information companies. With 21 titles in the U.S., Hearst is the leading publisher of monthly magazines in terms of total paid circulation (AAM 2H 2014), reaching 78 million readers (Spring 2015 MRI gfk) and 54 million site visitors each month (comScore).